Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Prayer Update for this Week

Hey all,
First of all: thank you so much for praying for this past weekend with regards to the Rainbow Acres trip that we were on this past weekend.  It was an absolutely amazing weekend.  The work that the Holy Spirit does every year at Rainbow Acres is absolutely life-changing for everyone that goes.  To read all about how the weekend went, read the blog (click here).

Prayer for this week:
1).  Tonight I get the opportunity to speak at the graduation of Upland Christian Academy.  This is such a blessing for me as many of the students graduating from Upland Christian are part of our high school ministry here at PFB Church.

2).  Tomorrow night I get to teach at FLOOD.  It's baptism night so we also have a celebration going on.  Please pray as I prep, pray and preach this message, and praise Jesus with us as we see people get baptized.  These nights are so incredible.

3).  This Sunday I get to teach at our college/young adults community life group ("TOGETHER") at PFB Church.  I absolutely love my time with these young people.  God is doing some great things as he creates healthy community and takes us deeper in his word.

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