Monday, May 16, 2011

It Starts With the Laundry

It is so easy to be served, isn't it? I LOVE ROOM SERVICE (but I usually can't afford it so I don't usually get it).  But it is so easy for me to just sit back and let others serve me.  Here's the problem with that: I'm a Christian and I am called to live as Christ did, therefore living as a servant of others.

So tonight, Kelley comes walking into the family room with a pile of laundry.  And when I say pile, I mean that oxygen masks were required for those that dared to climb to the top of it.  As I sat there "busy" on my phone, catching up on social networking necessities (is there really such a thing as a social networking necessity?), I sensed the nudge of the Holy Spirit say, "Serve."  So, I plopped down on the floor with Kelley and we had an amazing date folding laundry.  And when we were finished with that mountain, she brought out the next.  And we kept folding.

When she first brought out the laundry, I wrote this as a caption on my picture: "I love to be served.  Jesus, turn me into a servant.  And it starts with the laundry."

It is popular and movie-worthy to go all over the world with the heart of a servant.  However, if a servant's heart does not start at home, then the servant's heart that shows up everywhere else really isn't about serving others but rather about promoting self.  It all starts at home - the mission field that Jesus has called each of us to.

Please make me a servant.  Please continue working in my heart so that I am truly serving others with a desire to reflect you rather than to promote me.

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