Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Please Be Praying...

Thank you for your constant prayers. Here's how you can be praying this week for me:

1). Wednesday night at FLOOD I am team teaching with my cousin, Megan (Fate) Marshman. She is an absolutely incredible communicator. I'm excited about getting to partner up with her.

2). I get to speak at the Christian Club at Glendora High School on Thursday. This is always such a great time.

3). This Saturday is IGNITE. I am so excited about this three-hour worship event (I get to teach with Megan; worship led by Ryan Hall and Jarret Lemaster). If you can make it, please join us (5-8pm). This will be our third Ignite event. The first one had about 90 people. Last time (in October, 2010), we had about 300 show up. We are excited to see what this one will be like.

Thank you for praying.


  1. Praying for the Spirit to lead your week & speak through you! Thanks for all you do, Turdbot :) i'm blessed by your incredible leadership. -Melody Doo

  2. Thanks, Mel. You're a blessing!!!