Monday, March 14, 2011

I Fell Down And You Did Nothing

Today I was at Cal Poly, Pomona, hanging with students.  It is finals week and the Campus Crusade group there formed a prayer group to meet all day throughout finals week.  So I went today for an hour.  After that, I was walking to the Cal Poly library to meet up with another student and it happened.  You know, it. I have really bad ankles.  And my right one had something to say to me today.  I was walking along and it just rolled.  I wish I could say that I rolled it on a rock or a twig or even a crack in the sidewalk.  Nope.  It just rolled.  As I began to fall to the ground, I dropped my phone to the ground so that I could catch myself with my right hand.  As I leaned there, I shared some of my concerns with my right ankle.  I slowly walked over to pick up my phone and proceeded to stand up expecting to have some great applause from the whole campus.  But nothing.  Not one person.  And honestly, I was relieved.  However, I was a little ticked off with the one guy who saw me go down.  As I stood up I could see him looking straight at me.  There is absolutely no way that he didn't see me.  And do you know what he did: NOTHING!!! He didn't check to see if I was okay.  He didn't stop and stare.  He didn't even laugh.  He just kept going.  I was shocked.  And before my brain told my mouth to shut up, I said, "No, I'm good.  Thanks for checking." :) (I need to work on that filter that is supposed to run from my brain to my mouth).

As I met the student at the library, humiliated and embarrassed, I started to think about it (I know. I have such amazingly deep moments :).  I thought about how numb we have become (and notice that I included myself in this).  That one guy could have reacted in any way, even with laughter, but he didn't.  He didn't say, "Hey Mister, are you okay? Do you need me to get you a new cane to help you with walking?" But nothing.  He just kept going.

Jesus, please do not allow me to become numb to the needs of the world.  Please do not allow me to became plain and neutral when it comes to people and the pursuit that you have for them.  Please let my heart always be connected to yours, and for you to see your heart in me by the things that I do.


  1. LOL. I can't pretty much picture all of that. : )

  2. Thank you, friend. But I have to admit: I made it look amazing graceful and athletic. Maybe that's why he didn't say anything. :)