Monday, June 14, 2010

Update from Mt. Gilead

Hello prayer team,

Thank you for praying for me while I'm up here at Gilead.  Please keep it up.  It's a tough crew of high schoolers, not because they are tough but because of what seems like a lot of apathy.  That's tough to break through but I trust that the Holy Spirit has something up his sleeve.  Here's an update so far:

  • Started off teaching at camp last night.  Honestly, it was tough.  I had a lot of discouragement during and after the message.  Even though 2 people raised their hands to surrender to Jesus, I found myself skeptical and questioning whether or not I was up for this challenge.  I don't like teaching without the "favor of God" on me and I just did not feel it.  The enemy likes to mess with my mind while I'm at camp.  I know that feelings are not always trustworthy.  I just needed to be reminded of it.  :)

  • Spoke this morning on the hugeness of God.  Message went well but most of the kid seemed really tired from staying up too late their first night of camp.  So we are still looking forward to seeing the Holy Spirit break through.  I believe it's coming.  Keep praying.

More updates to come.  Thank you for your faithfulness.

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