Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Please Be Praying...

My schedule for this week is absolutely CRAZY!!! Please be praying for the following:

  • We have activities for our high school students Monday — Wednesday this week.  I am SOOOOO thankful for my volunteer staff who are overseeing and running these events.  I was able to go to the beach with the students yesterday, but I'm at home today with my family as my staff runs the car rally tonight (being away from the family for 8 days and then not stopping after I get home necessitates me being home tonight).  Tomorrow is a BBQ/pool party before we go to Wednesday Night at PFB.

  • Please pray for Wednesday Night at PFB as we start a new series called, "GRACE."  This is going to be a powerful series.  God is on the move in the ministry and I want to make sure that we are keeping up with him.

  • Senior Getaway - This Thursday, we are taking our seniors away for a relaxing getaway.  It starts on Thursday when we go up to Big Bear until Friday.  Then we will be driving out to Havasu to join the college retreat.  I'll be teaching at the college retreat both on Friday and Saturday nights.

  • Please pray as I travel back late Saturday night to teach for ELEVATE (the high school worship service at 9:45) and the 11:11 service at PFB.  There's a lot of driving and teaching involved.

It's a crazy-busy week as we also continue getting ready for Bass Lake.  Your prayers are so needed and appreciated.  Thank you for all that you do for me.  Take care.