Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Please be praying...

TO: My amazing prayer team

I'm so sorry that this is getting out so late this week.  Here are some updates and requests:

1.  Rainbow Acres was an absolutely amazing trip.  I am blown away every year about what Jesus does through this trip to Rainbow.  Community is built in 4 days there that would never happen back here at home.  There's something about serving together that creates a family community in a ministry.  If you're interested you can check out what we did on the trip by clicking here.

2.  Please pray for Wednesday night tonight.  We are continuing through our study of Song of Solomon called, "Love, Sex, and the Bible."  Tonight is a very graphic passage of Scripture as we look at Song of Solomon 4 - a look inside the honeymoon suite of the newly married couple.  This is such a necessary topic to look at as a church so that this next generation understands what God truly says about sex and relationships.

3.  I'm speaking tomorrow morning at Upland Christian Junior High School for their chapel.  Please pray that God says exactly what he needs to say (as if he won't) and that it will create a connection between the graduating 8th graders and our ministry here at PFB.

4.  I'm teaching this Sunday morning at ELEVATE at PFB.  We are continuing through our study of the book of Philippians.

5.  I'm speaking at the Baccalaureate services for Bonita High School this Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm.  I'm so excited for this opportunity.  I am still praying about the passage to share to this graduating class, but I do have a little glimpse of what God is wanting to say.  Please pray that people will come to know Jesus through this service.  Please also pray that this time spent on Sunday will connect people that attend the service to visit PFB in the future if they don't already have a church home.

Thanks again for always lifting me up in prayer.  It does not go unnoticed.  Love you guys.

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