Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Key to Overcoming is Simple

...but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy... — 1 Peter 3:15a (ESV)

Here's the key: when things are difficult (and please know that Scripture never teaches that you will not face difficult times), the key to overcoming the difficult is simple: HONOR JESUS.  But notice the instruction:

Honor Jesus the LORD - Jesus is master.  Jesus is the one who is in charge and we are the ones who obey his leading and instruction.  He is Lord.  He has all of the authority.  He has all power.  He has all control.  We can try to justify our sin, to make ourselves feel better about the lifestyle we choose  or the "freedoms" that we proclaim to possess all the while ignoring this main concept: Jesus is Lord.

AS HOLY - Jesus Christ is different.  He is not our buddy.  He is not our homeboy.  Jesus is Almighty God.  He doesn't think like we do.  He doesn't act like we do.  He is about his glory while we so very often are about ours.  But praise Jesus that within his glorifying himself above all, our being completely satisfied in him is what brings him most glory.

When you face temptations or difficult times, set Jesus THE LORD apart in your heart.  That means this: be all about him.  When I am all about him, everyone will be affected the way that Jesus wants them to be.  When it's out of order, everything gets messed up by my lack of prioritizing.  Remember: it's about exalting Jesus as the greatest.  Anything less is to miss the greatest calling that we have received.


  1. thank you for your words. God bless you and your family.

  2. so true and I can use those words to bring Glory to Him!