Thursday, June 17, 2010

He's Still Working...

It's Thursday night at Mt. Gilead.  The students are doing pretty well but some apathy has sunk back in.  However, God is still at work.  Tonight we looked at Psalm 73 and being broken before God so that we can experience his healing.  After the message, I gave the counselors and staff of the camp a chance to come forward to deal with what is breaking them.  About 18 people came forward and knelt before Jesus asking for his healing.  I then opened it up to students to come forward to surrender to Christ, recommit their lives to him, or come down to deal with what is breaking them.  One student came forward.  Then a couple more came down to pray with one of the counselors who needed encouragement.  After that, I opened it up for the other students to go up and pray FOR their counselors.  Over half the camp went up to pray with their counselors.  Such a powerful night.

Thank you for praying.  Keep it up.  We've got one more day with these kids.  I'm looking forward to the unexplainable that Jesus is planning for tomorrow.

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  1. praise God ! for that one person!!! All the Angels rejoice!