Thursday, February 11, 2010

Teaching Update from Elevate (2/10/2010)

I wanted to give you an update about last night's worship service.  Honestly, I felt like the message was flat.  It was a tough night for me and teaching.  So I was a bit discouraged.  However, one of my volunteers came up and shared with me a word that she felt was from the Lord.  That word: "seeds".  Seeds were planted and that's what we wanted.  That honestly really helped.

I would appreciate your prayers as I speak this weekend for a junior high/high school discipleship weekend at Cornerstone Bible Church in Glendora (the first church that God called me to minister at).  It will be like a homecoming weekend for me.  I'm very excited.

On Sunday morning, I am teaching the high schoolers at PFB as well, so it will be a long weekend.

I would appreciate your prayers for the following:

-The anointing of the Holy Spirit to preach with power so that lives are changed and souls surrendered to Jesus.

-Open hearts of the students that will be part of the weekend, both at Cornerstone and PFB.

-For God to accomplish the most amazing things ever so that we all leave that place in awe of Jesus.

Thank you so much.  I love you all.  Take care.

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