Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm Speechless!

[caption id="attachment_188" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="An attempt to captue what Jesus did."]Disciple Now 2010[/caption]


Yesterday I finished up Disciple Now by attempting to share with the parents of the students who attended Disciple Now what God did in our short time together.  Honestly: I failed miserably at trying to describe the weekend because words seem to fail the occasion.  Let me try with you:

Friday night: 7-8 students surrendered to Jesus for the first time.  A youth worker from Foothill Church brought a group of students.  He came up to me and told me that he had been praying all week for two girls in his ministry.  He didn't know why - until that night.  Those two girls raised their hands to surrender to Jesus.

Along with those 7-8 students, another 7-8 stood up to confess that they had been living away from God and wanted to come home.  It was incredible.

Saturday: OH MY!!! Saturday night was one of the most powerful nights of ministry that I have ever seen.  Remember my prayer for the weekend (if not, click here). Well, the Holy Spirit did some stuff and it left everyone in the room speechless.  I called students forward if they needed to confess things and make things right with Jesus.  I invited them to bring a friend up with them to pray with them if they wanted.  After I invited, staff members came forward waiting to pray with students.  And then it began: about 30 students came forward for prayer.  It was incredible!  But then it kept going.  As we broke into praise and worship, students came forward and began to praise Jesus.  180 students or so packed out that little worship center.  Two-thirds of them were as close to the stage as they could be.  The others were by their seats.  Some students in the room grouped together and prayed together.  Some were crying with each other as they prayed.  Worship continued.  And then hands were up. How many? At least 95% of the students raised their hands in worship and BROUGHT IT for Jesus.

Even as I type this I am blown away once again.
Thank you so much for praying.  God answered and honored the prayers of his saints.  I guess the Bible proves itself faithful: that the prayers of a righteous person accomplishes much.  Thank you so much.

PLEASE PRAY: I ask you to please pray again for me this week.  Lighter speaking schedule this week.  I get to focus on Wednesday night's message as we begin a new series titled, "Brand New" - a three week journey through John 3.  I would appreciate your prayers as I sit and listen to what God's message is, first for myself and then for our students.  Thank you.  I love you all.


  1. Awesome to hear, Brian..... thanks for the update.

  2. That fantastic!!! I am SO glad to hear it was an amazing weekend! It's a blessing just to hear about it ^_^
    Still praying for you!