Friday, February 26, 2010

How To Bless The Father

This morning I went to Tyler's kindergarten class (actually the whole family went) because today was the day that Tyler was going to get a couple of awards (don't worry - I won't use this as a platform to tell you how amazing my kids are :).  When the awards were all handed out, Tyler's teacher had the class stand up and sing a song to us parents.  The main them of the song: "I love you."  The teacher had the kids look at their parents and sing and point to their parents.  And when I saw Tyler point to us as he sang, "I love you," my heart exploded in my chest (figuratively speaking of course).  I was so touched by it.  And then it hit me: that's what our Heavenly Father feels when his kids sing "I love you" to him.  It is so easy to picture him emotionlessly listening as we give him praise and worship.  However, I do not see this.  God delights in the praises of his people.  I was reminded again that I can bless my Father in heaven simply by saying and singing to him, "I love you."

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