Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anyone Have Any Questions?

There were about 40-50 students at Christian Club today at Glendora High School. The topic: students asked to send in questions that cause doubt in their hearts, affecting their relationship with Christ.

It was a great time. I enjoyed being on the panel of youth workers trying to give direction to the intrigue of these teenagers.

"Did God want or allow the earthquake in Haiti? Katrina?..." "Why are there times when God doesn't answer me when I pray?" "How can I know that I am right with God?" These were a few.

In all, I loved teaching the truth about the Gospel. That was my favorite part. I pray that seeds were planted.

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  1. Got to check out Christian Club yesterday @ GHS and sit on the panel for their "Doubt" series this time, what a way God rocks us! So many tough questions answered for students by a group of pastors from different churches (Cornerstone, Grace, and COD), really felt the unity of the body in all of those! What a blessing. :)